HOPE Incubator For Female Entrepreneurs (HIFFE)

Program Outline:

Personal and Economic  Empowerment

Who it is for: 

Women in the dream, conceptual and beginning startup of their business.

Dream meaning – threading the little stories within their life story together, in so doing finding their purpose and building their business for impact.


APPLICATIONS will open October 2019.

To find out more, email:


9 month startup incubator done in-person and online through coaching, training and hands-on workshops:

1)    Purposeful living in strength through business –

Personality assessment, strengths, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, fears

Skills to cope for journey ahead

2)    Business name, vision board for venture, website, license, etc.

3)    Strategic financial and operational plan for your business

4)    Business and operational skills training

5)    Secure funding/resources (apply with us for loan/outside, all avenues)

6)    Start pilot – products, services

7)    Build business performance measurement plan

8)    Execute performance measurement and improvement        


Giving practical Hope to help women thrive in communities by fostering women’s entrepreneurship – providing education, skills-based training, and other personal and professional development resources that help women overcome barriers to success. Enabling women to not only cope with skills of stress, anxiety and depression, but to rise above any stigma, facilitating the fulfillment of their dreams, living in purpose with their gifts and skills. In so doing, creating strong sustainable communities.




HOPE Incubator For Female Entrepreneurs (HIFFE)

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