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click Why do we dream BIG to share HOPE with women?
Women across the globe (3.7 billion of us) still lack confidence in our ability to succeed in life.
90% of women today do not reach their fullest potential as leaders and entrepreneurs  (The
Less than 2% of women earn over the Million Dollar mark annually.
Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women (UN 2015)
1 in 3 women face violence or death by an intimate partner or family member.
¾ of single family homes are women with children who typically earn less revenue than men.
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How do we fix this?

It’s simple.  We start a movement and share our stories to provide HOPE.

Buy Bulk Diazepam Uk We all have a story to tell as it relates to a struggle during some season of our lives. Through all our voices and sharing of our trials and triumphs, we empower by connecting women to hear the story that will change their lives.   
Through the International School of Story, a faith-based, not-for profit 501 c (3), that takes seriously the call, to go into the communities of the world and share HOPE.  It is a local, regional and global organization that:
– Empowers women and girls to find solutions to limiting situations and beliefs
– Brings economic stability to women through healing, inspiration and education   
– Eliminates hopelessness in women and girls, enabling them to safely transition during difficult times
– De-stigmatizing mental illness and speaking about it openly

Buy Real Diazepam Online Buy Teva Valium How do we reach these women?
(1) Dissemination of information through technology programs via blog posts, webinars, podcasts, videos, tele-classes, mentoring, coaching, content sharing, publishing stories, educational activities, (including lectures, seminars, panels, workshops, retreats, training and public discussion groups) to develop and improve awareness both for the women served and among the general public with aspects and skills needed to live an empowered and HOPE-filled life.
(2) Creation of products for sustainable revenue and to share information to further spread HOPE through books and relevant products to be developed.
(3) Operation of The Place of Story, a place of healing and an entrepreneurial center where the products will be made, training and workshops will be facilitated and stories will be collected via video in a recording studio.

Order Xanax Online Uk go to link Will you join us and be counted as ONE who stepped forward to support a woman in need?   

Thank you for partnering and praying with us, sharing HOPE and empowering one woman at a time.

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go to site You matter to God.
follow url Your stories matter to Him. 

The big ones and the everyday little ones. 
It is through you and each of your stories that 
He shares Buy Valium Cheap Uk HOPE, LOVE and LIFE to the world around you.

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