Annual 21-day Hope Walk

Hopelessness in a community creates homelessness, substance abuse, physical abuse, crime escalation, workplace apathy and depression.

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follow site Each year we have our 21-day Hope Walk, where our Founder, Emra Smith, walks 4-10 miles each day with team and community members for 21 days sharing Hope as they go.

Buy Diazepam In The Uk This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a 21-day event to spread HOPE to our community.

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Buy Diazepam Cheap The team visits women’s groups, corporations and speak to many diverse groups of women (and some amazing men) during the walk.

Cheap Alprazolam Pills We share how HOPE can be spread and encourage positive actions to help facilitate personal and community change – specifically focusing on sharing skills to cope with anxiety and depression, giving HOPE to plan for dreams.

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Buy Valium With Credit Card 1 in 4 suffer anxiety and 1 in 8 clinical depression. (16 mil in the USA). The impact in the workplace and community is immense. Why do we do this:  We are women of action who believe that in each of our stories are gifts of light meant to be given to help facilitate healing and growth, building strong, sustainable homes and communities. We actively seek those going through difficult times, sharing HOPE, while raising funds for the HOPE App, the International School of Story, EBW Foundation & others we partner with.

go to link Buy Pfizer Alprazolam JOIN US: Walk with us, be apart of our inspiring events, share your Hopes on our HOPE Wall and Ribbons!


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Buy Pfizer Alprazolam You matter to God. Buy Valium With Credit Card get link Your stories matter to Him.  Buy Alprazolam Bars The big ones and the everyday little ones. It is through you and each of your stories that He shares HOPE, LOVE and LIFE to the world around you.

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