follow In August, I will walk from Savannah, GA, to Sarasota, FL, doing approximately 6-10 miles a day. I will be accompanied by Media and Time Management Consultant, Kathy Burnsed, rally and bull-riding champion, Robby Shriver (on his horse) and support-travelers. As I walk, I will share HOPE by giving free coaching phone calls.

follow link With each 45 minute call, I will listen, coach, and share HOPE with women around the world as they share their stories. The little stories of daily stresses, or the bigger stories of things that hold them back. So many women are unable to see what holds them back from stepping forward and claiming their God-given dreams. We will be visiting homeless shelters and hospitals and speaking to many diverse groups of women (and some amazing men) during the walk. Sharing how they can spread HOPE and positive actions to help facilitate personal and community change. Here is where I really need your help. enter Cheap Alprazolam Online I would like you to be part of my power-pack of 120.

Diazepam 10 Mg Order With this awesome team, I plan to raise $120,000. Each power-packer will raise $1000, in $20 increments.

get link If you find this intriguing and would like to know more – just let me know. I would love to share more about what these funds will accomplish, the women they will empower and the gifts for you. Will you make a difference with me to give HOPE in times of darkness and together step boldly to empower women and girls who need us? Generic Xanax Cheap Are you in?

I can hardly wait for your “Yes!”


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A Short Message from Emra Smith – Founder / CEO


You matter to God. Your stories matter to Him.

The really big ones and the everyday little ones.

It is through Diazepam Buy Now you and each of your stories that He shares HOPE, LOVE and LIFE to the world around you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting us!

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