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Emra Smith – Founder, President/CEO

Emra Smith is the Founder, President & CEO for the International School of Story where she has created a Place and Platform where women give and receive HOPE, empowered to boldly step into their stories., finding purpose for their dreams with goals and entrepreneurial ventures.  Emra is creator of the HOPE Doll Project and HOPE Walk and Voices of Hope.

Emra is a TEDX, Global Speaker, Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Life Coach – a Social Impact Entrepreneur.

Emra is a Facilitator of HOPE currently writing her 5th book and developing The HOPE App which is Your Private Mentor Coach to prevent emotions from escalating when you’re under stress. Keeping you focused on HOPE, not anxiety, depression and being ineffective. Emra is passionate about inclusion in diversity, helping women unpack, heal, find purpose, write and publish their stories of HOPE.

As a sought after Executive & Life Coach for leaders to facilitate change, Emra is a Certified Coach through Coach Training Alliance and has also completed Licensure and Specialty-Certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach.  Her expertise in the psychology and neuroscience of coaching extends her considerable experience in Life Coaching.

Emra started speaking and teaching as a teen in her church and continued to do so throughout her Marketing & Sales career. She became a Corporate Trainer in the Hospitality Industry and further specialized in Customer Service and numerous Human Resource and safety training. Emra is a global speaker who speaks to many various organizations, churches and corporations.

Emra has differentiated herself through her unique and powerful inspirational speaking which is poured into any given topic or training.

Shaillee Junega – Chief Strategy Officer

Shaillee is a technology and operations optimization advisor specializing in developing and managing innovative services portfolios for health systems and service collaboratives. She is highly experienced in leading transformation solutions that generate measurable value and create performance excellence. Recognized as a national expert in business innovation and analytics,

Shaillee works with organizations globally to build strategies that align organizations’ business objectives with evolving market trends, positioning them for sustainable success. She currently runs healthcare consulting firm, leading the Digital Innovation and Advanced Analytics services portfolio for Lumina Health Partners. Prior to running a successful healthcare consulting practice, Shaillee has held positions as global leader Digital Health and Advanced Analytics; Chief Data Officer, VP Customer Success, IT Director Interoperability and Continuum of Care; and National Lead Business Services Transformation.

As Chief Global Strategy Officer with Empower Billion Women Foundation, Shaillee assists with development and execution of global strategy allowing EBW to expand its contribution and impact within domestic and international markets by financially empowering women to launch, grow and scale their businesses and support UN Sustainable Development Goal of gender equality.

With the bulk of her primary education from India, she got her bachelor’s in business administration from Eastern Michigan University in Michigan, USA. Shaillee also works with high risk youth, teaching mindfulness as a tool to create academic and behavioral excellence. She lives in Austin, Texas with two rambunctious boys and her husband.

Kimberly Barr – Secretary

Kimberly grew up on Cape Cod, The Cape as locals call it, is quiet during the cold, snow covered months in the winter with little to do. While in the summer months, approximately 3.5 million tourists come for a visit.

As a child Kim was very restless, always looking to try new things. Being isolated on an island did not present opportunities she was searching for. She left “home” when she was 19 in pursuit of new adventures and new people.

D.C. was her first destination. While there, Kim worked in the Food Service Industry, and tried a small stint at make-up artistry. Kim was ready for more when she decided to join the United States Air Force at the age of 22.

During her time in the Air Force, she was responsible for the training of use, maintenance and placement of critical life sustaining equipment utilized by 1500 aviators and crew members. This was the start of her corporate training passion. Kim also traveled the world, and with her G.I. bill, was able to pursue education.

Kim met her husband during this time, who was also active duty. She left the military after one term about 3 years after 9-11 with the birth of her son as motherhood is the most important role in her life. She and her husband now have a collective family of seven children.

Kim went on to get her Masters in Science degree specializing in Psychology, and has worked many roles in the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities professional field. Her roles include direct support, mental health/developmental disabilities specialist, case management, managing roles, directorships, and her current passion, consulting in corporate training and compliance.

She and her husband have been in the South for over 20 years and have decided Savannah is their forever home. Wherever Kim resides she is passionate about community, and how she can play a role in making them stronger. She’s an advocate for those whose voices are dim, she assists with local non-profit organizations, and joins those groups that are building stronger communities.

She currently does work for EmployAbility, a non-profit organization who assists adult individuals with developmental disabilities be engaged in their community through service and employment. She has been with them for over 5 years and is currently over all training and compliance as their CARF administrator (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Tina Allton – CFO & Treasurer

Dr Tina Allton is a global entrepreneur, global keynote speaker, educational psychologist, and an award wiinning business mentor spanning the international business, nonprofit, medical, women’s empowerment, and global impact worlds.

Tina has co-founded 6 successful businesses over a 16-year period and worked and mentored over 5,000 entrepreneurs along her career.
Tina is Vice President for the Women’s Committee and former High Commissioner to Ghana for the World Business Angels and affiliated partner of the G20 Financial inclusion Committee, she helped identify key partners within the government of Ghana to deliver a comprehensive Africa Master plan developed by the WBAF.

She’s the co-founder of Undefeeted, a fastest growth diabetes nonprofit inspired by her daughter, which launched in UK in 2015, within 5 months won an award for Best Not for Profit organisation and has done for for 4 years running, a year to date in 2016 it had had an unprecedented 6.7 Million global reach.

Tina has started a movement NOW – Nations Of Women. Their vision is to inspire, empower and strategically vand to connect women in order to spearhead systemic change across the nations.

During her time as Co-founder of the Global Humanitarian project HUM in India she worked with 35, 000+ plus women on entrepreneurship as well as empowering these women through various initiatives.

For over a decade Tina led the multi award winning Circle Podiatry together with her husband to win over 15 awards nationally including Best Small business in London for service excellence.

Tina has a proven track record in leadership, business growth, women’s empowerment, sales and global business expansion etc she has personally done over 2.2 million pounds in sales in her own family business.

Tina is a loving wife and mother to her blended family of seven children and one granddaughter.

Amy Shippy
Amy Shippy is a highly successful business women, super creative with a heart of giving and serving women entrepreneurs. Amy is a wife and mother of 3 teenage boys. She owns a wholesale bakery, Marché de Macarons – which adds to her powerful story of stepping out of depression, making Macarons for a party, started with a shoestring budget with a girlfriend and growing an ever-expanding business. 
Deciding to fund her eldest sons college, she started designing printing t-shirts, moved into a successful niche and once again is building a successful business with a home accessory company, Blue Poppy Designs and Lilliebelles with the yummiest pecans, expanding to teas and so much more!
Building businesses is her passion, even when it’s not easy. Listening to her speak at an event, these words will ever stick: “If your business is only costing you money, it’s a hobby. When it’s making you money, it’s a business”.
Amy has a background in graphic design and a degree in Religious Studies, which is put to good use in her businesses and evident in her support of others, always ready to serve. Amy surrounds herself with powerful women and says it has always helped her to be a better version of herself. 

You matter to God.
Your stories matter to Him. 

The big ones and the everyday little ones. 
It is through you and each of your stories that 
He shares HOPE, LOVE and LIFE to the world around you.

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